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- Support: ROSS QUINN -

A live phenomenon, multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer-songwriter, and father-of-two Elderbrook has an innate flair for creating emotive music that explores the sensitive and introspective themes of identity, mental wellbeing and, more recently, parenthood.

Over 1.5 billion global streams, Grammy and Ivor Novello nominations, tours with Jungle, Rüfüs Du Sol and odesza, and collaborations with Camelphat, Diplo, Bob Moses and Rudimental have earned him a revered reputation as a dynamic, multi-faceted, forward-thinking talent who is confident and comfortable exploring a range of genres.

As Elderbrook prepares for the release of his sophomore album he delves into the life-changing impact of fatherhood. His outlook is focused on the bigger picture, appreciating the little moments and the deep connection with his beloved children. The result is a positive and uplifting dance-focused LP full of Elderbrook magic.

Little Love is his first big release since 2021’s Innerlight EP, which featured three collaborations - Bob Moses, Emmit Fenn and Louis The Child - and a solo cut. Owing to the limitations everyone experienced during the global shutdown, Elderbrook utilised the power of digital connectivity to create with artists across the Atlantic. All three collabs are with North American artists, reinforcing his connection to the continent and demonstrating his knack for embarking on successful collaborative projects.

Now focused on the bigger picture, the core of his ethos remains the same; connectivity. From bringing his family on tour to interacting with fans, to recording with a myriad collaborators, human connection lies at the heart of Elderbrook’s creative output.

Still pushing forward, buoyed by his children and an unwavering creative drive, Elderbrook continues to soar sky high on his unstoppable ascension…

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- Support: ROSS QUINN -

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Ross Quinn’s rise to prominence is a testament to his unrelenting drive, hard work and natural gift for musicianship. Born and raised in the Yorkshire Dales, a move to London was the catalyst behind his growth and development into the dynamic artist he has become. Ross established his unique talent with a series of electronic cuts that encapsulate his ability to craft genuinely emotive dance music.
Unforgettable tracks like ‘Lost Time’ utilise traditional songwriting structures to create maximum impact, merging depth and emotion with infectious beats and melodies. It’s a distinct approach that demonstrates his formidable talent and ability to connect with the listener physically, mentally and emotionally. As he primes himself for the next phase of his flourishing career, Ross Quinn continues to work tirelessly, sharing his stories and experiences while igniting the dance floor with every new release...

Ross grew up in a musical family where, as a young child, he was given the freedom to make lots of noise with pots and pans. As a result he is a dextrous musician, who can play the piano, guitar, bass and drums, as well as singing and songwriting. Talent alone, though, is not always enough to achieve success and Ross’ path way to breaking through has been punctuated by playing grassroots gigs in his hometown and taking on a studio assistant job in London.
His move to the capital marked a key turning point. Driven by his unwavering determination and, at times, pure grit, he went from dropping out of a music production course to an assisting role at MJ Cole’s Gin Factory studios. There he did all manner of odd jobs and cleaning, soaking up the atmosphere and making connections along the way. It was at Gin Factory where he was discovered and got his foot in the door. Once in, there was no stopping him...

From his earliest releases, such as ‘Away With Me’, Ross has demonstrated an innate ability to weave together club-ready electronic beats with heartrending vocals that illustrate a clear narrative. His debut featured four mesmerising cuts, which provided a comprehensive introduction to his exceptional ability to transmit pure emotion through his music. Ross’ gentle, comforting vocals glide over warm basslines and airy atmospheric s, as the drums propel his cuts forward. ‘Away With Me’ has racked up almost 3 million streams on Spotify, along with another 1 million+ for ‘So High’. Not to mention the Fideles remix, which hit No.5 in the Beatport charts and picked up support from Art
bat, Tiesto, Tale of Us, Cristoph and many more. As a complete package, the EP served to boost Ross’ credentials and established his name among the scene’s key tastemakers. Ross’ productions benefit from his unorthodox approach, 'My breathing is all over the place and I play instruments in such unorthodox ways,' he says. 'Trained musicians would have a coronary, I’m sure, but it's always been about what feels right.' This notion of feeling over formal training lies at the core of house music, and it’s those roots that inform his output. Freedom to create without the constraints of strict rules-guided by his heart and the truth of authentic feeling, rather than a precooked formula. Every step of the way he keeps it simple, with chord-based compositions that are highly effective. 'I feel like I can sum up how I'm feeling with four chords,' he says. The result is music that touches the mind, body and soul in equal measure.

On stage he is growing in confidence with every performance. Making the transition from DJ to fully-fledged singer/songwriter has been pivotal to his evolution as an artist. From the life-affirming experience of having the crowd sing along to his lyrics, to the resounding success of his releases, Ross has been buoyed by an array of first-hand feedback. His vocal delivery feels sincere, vulnerable... human. This is epitomised on his new single ‘The Other Side’, a
pumping cut with vibrant energy, uplifting arrangement and heartfelt lyrics centred on creating a positive outcome from a difficult situation. Striking a balance between autobiographical and imaginary, Ross’ songwriting emphasises the universal nature of the human experience, with lyrics and scenarios everyone can relate to.

In Ross Quinn’s music you can hear the echoes of house music, the power of human emotion, the energy of his musical upbringing and the promise of optimism. A prime example of the phrase ‘you make your own luck’, Ross’ work ethic and natural talent have positioned him as an exceptional exponent of the UK’s new gene ration of electronic music artists. In just a couple of years he has already achieved remarkable growth and success, setting the bar for what’s sure to be a glittering career...

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EUR 33,50 (Stehplatz)